Sponsor a Sloth!


Kids Saving the Rainforest needs your help! We rescue over 200 animals every year, and a lot of these are orphaned baby two-toed and three-toed sloths, as well as sloths that have been injured by causes such as electrocution or falls from high up in the trees where sloths make their homes. For a minimum donation of $35*, you can sponsor a sloth, and we will send you an adorable *new & improved* plush sloth of your very own!


When an orphaned baby sloth comes into Kids Saving The Rainforest, they are given a plush animal to hold onto very much like the one you will receive when you sponsor a sloth. They cling to it like they would their mother in the wild. We will also send you a photo of a real life sloth we have saved along with it’s story, fun facts, a certificate, and periodic updates of the animals being rescued here at Kids Saving the Rainforest! Provide us with your email and mailing address, and we’ll take care of the rest!


Perfect for kids or kids at heart, our sloth sponsorship is also wonderful for birthday and Christmas gifts, or even as the basis for a fundraiser you can start at your school or in your community! Fill out the contact form below to receive instructions on how to sponsor a sloth today, and join the Kids Saving the Rainforest family!


*Additional shipping charges apply to orders out of the US.